Register what you read
and make notes from your readings.

My bookshelf is a template built in Notion that helps you organize your library,
favorite authors and notes from the books you read.

Track the books you are reading at the moment, you intend to read, and those you have finished reading.

You can add “on hold” label when you’re not sure if it’s worth to continue reading something.

Add covers to make the entries looking nicer and easier to browse.

How often do you search for notes you made on a scrap of paper and now you need them to include in your blog post?
Not anymore! Link a book with notes to have them for future reference.

Track your favorite authors.

The author pages are related with books so you never lose track of what you have already read and what is still waiting.

Add any information on the author you want, attach a photo.

Download this free template from my digital stores:

Lemon Squeezy