Trying to make myself more handsome


I don’t like being touched by other people (unless it’s during having sex!). It’s not a phobia, it’s not something that makes me shiver or anything like that. But still, it’s not my favorite thing. Or better said, I don’t like to be treated in any way. That’s why when I go to a dentist, I spend there several hours. Once, and done. And it’s not only about visits we usually think of as unpleasant.

One day I decided that it was high time for a comprehensive visit at the beauty parlor. For me it was very comprehensive because it included four treatments: facial cleansing, pedicure, manicure, and eyebrow shaping. I walked in tense and walked out… tense.

I try to care of my skin, but without exaggeration. I apply some cream to my face every day. But I don’t really check its contents, or I am unconscious of the miraculous effects it promises to give.

However, looking at other men of my age with a nice complexion and well-groomed skin, I started to wonder: If they can look stunning, why not me? I also want to look like million dollars. And I don’t mean Botox. Not that I have something against such treatments. Everything is for people. Free choice.

Time for a more drastic intervention

For me, it’s sufficient to simply take care of my skin, moisturize it and smear some nourishing ingredients, as long as it results in a younger look. But now I decided that it was high time for a more drastic intervention.

Paul, one of my friends, works for Oriflame, a company selling direct, so I asked him for advice. I must admit that his complexion is something people admire. He checked my skin. Little lamps she drew near my face blazes in green, sometimes in red, and sometimes in yellow. It helped him to estimate that my skin is quite well moisturized but added quickly: a lot can still be done.

The morning care kit proposed by Paul consists of tonic, serum, eye cream, day / night cream for the face. At least once a week, a gentle face peeling in the evening, and then a mask for the night.

When he told me to use so many things in the morning, I shook my head: I don’t have time for all this. However, he convinced me that it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes and it will quickly become a habit. I don’t think he would have convinced me without his gorgeous smile and beautiful skin.

And he was right. In the morning I spend in the bathroom about 10 minutes, including brushing my teeth and shaving. I smear this and that onto my face. It makes me feel so young!

From time to time, I also do a whole-body scrub. I use a body lotion, especially in the summer, when the skin is dry. And when I recall, which means once every couple of months, I scrub my hands and rub a special olive into them. I try to cream them often. I take care of my feet, remove keratinized epidermis and use cream to moisturize them. And that’s it when it comes to body care.

I am sure I do more than an average man anyway. However, with age (and handsome men I pass by on the street) I notice that I should do more.

Virgin on the doorstep

So, the day has come to do more. For some time, I was considering doing a professional cleansing to my face. However, there was always something in the way. I didn’t have time or there were no free slots in the salon in the neighborhood.

My husband-no-husband encouraged me to be more determined. So, I became more determined. I managed to make an appointment at a salon in one of the malls in the city. They were ready to have me on the very same day, for a few treatments. It suited me very well.

I went there a bit tense. I might have done it once before. I mean a profesional face cleansing. But it was so long ago that I don’t even remember when or what it was. I have never done a professional pedicure or manicure. Standing on the beauty parlor’s doorstep, I felt like a virgin.

I am not the only one

According to a survey carried out by Gfk research company, in 2017, 39 percent of Polish men used services offered by beauty parlors, cosmetic and massage salons. The most frequently chosen services were massage (15%) and facial skin treatments (7%). Men in Poland dedicated an average of 5 hours a week for body care. I am sure that now these number are higher.

Let’s get back to me. First, the face. Ms. Jola took care of me, explaining each step. First, she moistened my face, then made a cavitation peeling. It sounds really sophisticated, doesn’t it? It removes dead cells from the epidermis, thoroughly cleansing the skin. Vibrations improve the flow of blood and lymph, providing oxygenation and stimulating skin regeneration.

Then she applied a skin softening potion and warmed it with a special lamp to open the pores.

Then she did a cleaning. It’s a bit embarrassing procedure. Someone squeezes your blackheads and stuff out of your skin. Overall, I didn’t take it as badly as I feared. A conversation helped, distracting my attention from this manual operation. We talked about our music passions, travels, and summer holidays, and about my blogs. The hour passed quite quickly. Once again, I realized how important not only professionalism is, but also the approach to the customer.

At the end, my skin got a solid portion of cream.

Milling machine for my feet

The next procedure was the most uncomfortable part of the visit – pedicure. I have never had this type of service professionally performed on me yet. I have well-cared-for feet. However, stretching them in somebody’s face made me embarrassed. My attention was reversed by… a manicurist. It turned out that both treatments would be executed simultaneously. I felt relieved because it meant that my stay here would be shorter than I thought.

I won’t elaborate on the treatment details. I will mention only a scary moment when the pedicurist threw to one of her friends innocently that she would need a milling machine. Milling?! God, what milling machine?! – I immediately withdrew my legs from the footstool, terrified to death. I was about to run away, but I thought of the shame I would feel after tis cowardly escape. Instead, I allowed my feet to be processed with a device bearing such a dangerous name.

Manicure and pedicure made by strangers didn’t turn out to be a pleasant and relaxing experience. The fact that they were young and nice girls didn’t change this feeling. I still was a bit tense as I’m not used to be taken care of this way. I don’t think I will ever start to like it.

I felt just a bit more relaxed when during my two and a half-hour stay in the salon, two other men appeared. I felt relief thinking that I wasn’t the only representative of my ‘species’ in this place.

To sum up, I returned home cleansed, manicured, pedicured, but not at all relaxed. But I got a loyalty card. Someday I will earn the right to the 10 percent discount on all the treatments offered. So, maybe it’s time to start to like it?

Do you go to the beauty parlor? Do you pay attention to your looks?

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