Saudi Arabia in 100 questions


A short summary of the book “L’Arabie Saoudite en 100 questions”

What is Wahhabism? Why does a direct confrontation between Riyadh and Tehran seem unlikely? Who is Prince Mohammed bin Salam – a great reformer or an ordinary despot? What changes will the Vision 2030 program bring? What is the position of women in contemporary Saudi Arabian society?

Saudi Arabia raises various perceptions, but also fears. Absolute monarchy, lack of freedom of speech, segregation of men and women. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, appointed heir to the throne, faces many challenges: how to substitute dependency on oil, meet the expectations of a young people expecting a more open and modern society, reinvent the political economy. All this has been included in the Vision 2030 program – very bold, extremely expensive, bringing huge changes for the economy and society.

The book from the series of 100 questions in a clear and concise way answers many questions that are bothering people who observe what is happening in this increasingly important player on the international stage. This book answers questions about the cultural, religious, social and political complexity of Saudi Arabia.

The book was published in French.

(Cover photo: Ohood Abdulaziz – Unsplash)

Title: L’Arabie Saoudite en 100 questions
Author: Fatiha Dazi-Héni
Publisher: Edition Tallandier
Year: 2020
Pages: 381
Language: French

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