My template appears in the official Notion Template Gallery


House Inventory – a template I created for myself and then decided to share with others has just been approved by Notion team and appeared in the official Notion Template Gallery. I am so excited and happy.

You create and manage lists of your furniture and appliances, with serial number, guarantee deadline, receipts scans and place where they are stored. It helps to manage them. I can browse categories of devices and furniture and the rooms they are in. There is also a wish list.

There are many exceptionally talented Notioners who build templates and share them with the community. I can’t mention all of them here, some of my favorites are Thomas FrankRed GregoryMarie PoulinEasloSimon from Better Creating. There are a lot more.

They don’t only create templates and share them for free or sell them, but they also show their creating process to help others build their own templates, more suitable to their needs.

Template is what its name says: template. On it you can build your own, add functions or hide the ones you won’t be using. I, personally, always do it when I purchase any template I like and have no time or patience, or skills to create myself.

I have always admired those talented people like Red Gregory who builds templates, writes dozens of formulas, and shares her knowledge with others. Chapeau bas.

That being said. Publication of my first template in the official Notion gallery is an honor for me and a motivation to create more. As there are dozens of templates now available on the Internet, covering every aspect of life and activity, it’s not so easy to create something original, different than what’s already been shared.

Take a look at my House Inventory template
in the official Notion Template Gallery
If you are interested in my other templates,
look at my digital stores:

Lemon Squeezy


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