Welcome to my world!

I am Przemek

A multipotentialite curious about the world. Languages, travels, keto, productivity, and content creation. Building practical things in Notion and ClickUp.

Building practical things

Featured Notion Templates

House Inventory

Storing information about all your belongings in one practical template with several preset views.

My Bookshelf

A simple and intuitive Notion template to track the books and authors you read.

8-Week Program

Based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course – built as a Notion template.

Foreign Languages

Learning with passion, teaching with passion

Several years ago, my passion for languages took one more form: teaching. I offer lessons and conversational lessons as a tutor on Italki.
Learning foreign languages is my great passion. I speak or learn several of them. At one moment, I began to write a language blog. It was meant to be an additional motivation for studying and an opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with others.

Stories and tips

Around the World

I love to travel. It’s not only the way to visit places, but also to learn about new countries, its people, culture, heritage.